Cosmetic dermatology which makes it difficult to make a reservation for depilation

I will make a reservation when hair removal is done

In restaurants, etc., popular shops may have queues.
In these shops, there is no choice but to line up anyway. It took me an hour to finally be able to eat that restaurant's dishes.
It is good when you have plenty of time, but there are other things you do not have to wait for nearby stores that you do not want to wait.
If you know how long the shop will wait, you can reverse it back to your own convenient time, but there are things you can not do if you are on work or on the way back.

When using hair removal, if there is a day off, there is relatively time.
You can go for the afternoon and wait an hour and two hours for a queue.
There are times when it comes to work from 18 o'clock to 19 o'clock.
Go to that time and wait, it will be tough.
It would be nice if you could wait and wait, but sometimes you will be refused if you can not fill in with a lot of customers today.
Although I have been spending a lot of time, I can not do it is a shock.
I will keep it so.

So I will make a reservation.
If you let me know what time you are starting, I will just go to that time.
There are times when you can change it somewhat.
There are things we can do from 18 o'clock for the convenience of work from 18 o'clock.
Because saying it in advance, it will not cost you extra, so you can choose according to your circumstances.
When I am already full, I may ask you to introduce another day.

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