Cosmetic dermatology which makes it difficult to make a reservation for depilation

Recent hair removal salon and reservation status

Recently depilation is popular. There are many kinds even if you say depilation.
First, medical depilation. This is the laser depilation. Laser depilation will be mostly inevitable if it hits about 6 or 5 times.
Although it seems a bit painful, it will be beautiful in a short time.
It will not grow permanently.
Those who want to be beautiful without pain over pain are recommended.
And beauty depilation is this depilation is doing with beauty esthetic.
depilation is a way light depilation. There is little pain.
But because I will light the hair cycle. Will it be perfectly clean, since it will be lighting roughly 18 times, since the hair cycle is 2.3 months, the light goes every 2 or 3 months, so it will take approximately 3 years to become beautiful .

Now, medical depilation is more fashionable than light depilation of beauty depilation.
Just a popular salon reservation is very difficult.
Although stores are increasing day by day, people who do depilation are also increasing day by day, so it seems that even the salon of the reservation still has problems.
So normally it was not possible to make a reservation for 3 years, after that it will take over 3 years due to hair cycle relationship.
How can we resolve the reservation problem? Even if the number of shops increases, there are few rooms cleaned up per store, but we will do it even for places where it is okay but it seems that it will take time for a customer to care for.
So I think that there is a need in your way if your customers also cooperate.
I think that you are going to schedule the maintenance on your own.
I think that you can shorten the time just by doing that and that you can make reservations for many customer's maintenance accordingly.

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